IDN - Name Limits and Restrictions

Hi team,

Is there any documentation that describes the various limits (e.g. min/max characters) and restrictions (e.g special characters not allowed) that are present when creating various objects in SailPoint IDN? (e.g. sources, identity profiles, access profiles, roles, etc.)

I have seen some limited examples of this type of information being recorded within the API documentation (e.g. /beta/roles has a <= 128 characters listed for possible values), but other objects (e.g. sources, identity profiles) do not have similar information recorded.

It would be quite useful to have this documented consistently so that its clear when defining naming conventions for customers, we are able to articulate the boundaries or guard rails with what is achievable with object names.


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Hey Chris,

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This is a fantastic idea, and one that would benefits everyone. I know we have Rate Limiting but I agree, we don’t have any limits on the data coming into the individual API calls.

I’ve created an issue for us to track this over on our GitHub repository for [Feature] Better documentation on input limitations for API calls · Issue #112 · sailpoint-oss/ · GitHub