Latest Private API Deprecations (February, 20, 2024)

As part of our ongoing effort to deprecate our private APIs , the following private APIs have been deprecated. You can learn more about each individual deprecated API in Non-Public API Deprecations as well as discuss any issues you have with migrating to the public replacement. We are also holding public office hours twice a month to assist with any deprecation questions. The next office hours are:

Previous Announced List

Full Deprecation List

deprecations.csv (23.3 KB)


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Are there still intentions to replace v2/workgroups. We utilize this within a few of our report generating scripts to create a Roleview, roleapprovers, governancegroups and accessprofileview report.
Seemingly there is no 1 to 1 v3 version. Are there any updates or suggestions on how to appropriately handle this given the time frame of march 31st

Hey @cwellman,

These are the new 1->1 endpoints for workgroups. If you find something is missing please let us know and we can take a look!

Thank you!
It seems that upon replacing v2/workgroups with beta/workgroups while trying to list all governance groups it is not picking up every governance group in our tenant
edit: it seems to be only collection the first page of governance groups we have in our tenant

@cwellman No problem!

If you have a large amount of workgroups you’ll have to implement pagination. The max number of records our beta and v3 APIs return is 250.

Thank you for sharing the information.