Deprecation: Latest Private API Deprecations (November 20, 2023)

As part of our ongoing effort to deprecate our private APIs , the following private APIs have been deprecated. You can learn more about each individual deprecated API in Non-Public API Deprecations as well as discuss any issues you have with migrating to the public replacement. We are also holding public office hours twice a month to assist with any deprecation questions. The next office hours are:

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In Progress

The following private API endpoints are confirmed to be in progress. This means they don’t have a public API replacement yet, but we are actively working on providing one.

  • GET /api/source/discoverSchema
  • POST /api/app/delete/{id}
  • POST /api/app/create
  • POST /api/user/preview/{identityId}
  • GET /api/source/getEntitlementAggregationSchedules
  • POST /api/app/update/{appId}
  • GET /api/app/list
  • GET /api/app/get/{appId}
  • POST /api/source/loadAccounts
  • POST /api/source/scheduleAggregation
  • GET /api/source/getAggregationSchedules
  • POST /api/source/loadUncorrelatedAccounts
  • POST /api/source/loadEntitlements
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Thanks @colin_mckibben, please let us know when a replacement has been published for POST /api/source/loadEntitlements so we can modify our scripts accordingly.

We’re have a process that generates some groups in Okta to cascade arn configs to other systems and to automate the integration with our Request Center we need to trigger an entitlement aggregation before calling the API that generates the corresponding access profiles, hence the endpoint referred above is key for our automation.

I also noticed the endpoint is used by the VSCode extension to aggregate entitlements for a source.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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