API Deprecation Office Hours

Our bi-weekly API Deprecation Office Hours are a great place to get help from the SailPoint Developer Relations team with migrating from CC, V1, or V2 APIs to our V3 APIs equivalents. If you have any questions about these APIs (e.g. object mappings, data types), how to change your API calls our for our SDKs, or anything else related to our API deprecations then this is the place for you to join and ask!

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Today’s sessions has ended with no more questions or attendees on the call. Thank you all so much for coming today!

We’ll post the recording on the original post at the top shortly.

Greetings, Jordan!

Is there a link to the video recording of this meeting? Based on another thread, I believe this meeting may have covered one of the API calls that I need to remediate: /cc/api/report/get/<report_id>?format=csv

Thanks for the reminder, Mike, and I appreciate the patience! I’ve just added it to the original post :slight_smile:

Thank you Jordan!

I had a chance to review the video and understand that there is currently no V3 equivalent for downloading a CSV campaign report. Looking forward to a solution.

Another that I’m unable to find (maybe looking in the wrong place?) is /cc/api/user/updateLifecycleState?id=${uniqueID}&lifecycleState=terminated

We use this in an integration with ServiceNow such that a manager can submit a ticket that immediately revokes network access for an employee. This is the same call that the UI uses when setting the state manually with the dropdown.

Is there a V3 way to update lifecycle state?

You can find the current list of deprecations in Non-Public API Deprecations . This particular endpoint has been deprecated. You can see the details in the post below.

Thanks Colin - that’s perfect; I’ll look into replacing it with the V3 Set Lifecycle State call. Thanks again!

@colin_mckibben Sorry to chain questions here. Another that I’m seeking (related to determining the user external ID to pass into the lifecycle state change) is:


I do not see that in the list of deprications. Ok to continue using?

Generally speaking, no. Some of the V2 APIs are going away on March 31st, but others will have a later deprecation date. I recommend you switch to using the beta identities endpoint.