GET /api/source/getAttributeSyncConfig

Replaced by:

Thanks for the update Colin. Looks like no API replacement at the moment. Any plans for developing V3 API for the same ? It is easy to do developments by interacting with a single API call.

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I agree with Krishna,

Just like many other source related configurations (turning delta aggregation on or off, updating schemas, correlation or provisioning policies), configuring the attribute sync settings on a source is a step that should stay easily configurable through a single API call. We would need something like v3/sources/id/attribute-sync-config, with GET, PUT and PATCH operations. Doing this by first creating a backup (you shared a screenshot of the UI), or by running an export, waiting for the results and then download the export is definitely a step backwards and it is not making our work as developer easier.

When updating the attribute sync settings through the UI, it calls the API /attr-sync/sources/46c98aafb3814b438e9c8e80ef856151/attribute-sync-config. Why can’t this API become public and be callable as v3/sources/id/attribute-sync-config?

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These are all valid points, and I have asked the engineering team to provide a direct API replacement rather than the three step process of using SP config. However, just to level expectations, there are still many private APIs that need to be deprecated. Since this particular one has a workaround it is considered a low priority.

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There are beta APIs to get and update attribute sync configuration:


Thank you for pointing this out Nathan. I have updated the topic to point to these endpoints instead.

Awesome! Thank you for pointing this out @nsorlien! :grin: I didn’t see them last time I checked.