JDBC Merge rows error for multivalued records

Hi all, I would like to merge columns from a specific database table so we can aggregate in multivalued attributes. When we follow the steps listed in the guide doc we get a “data should be sorted in ascending order. Last identifier NOCLOGS\testuser current noclogs\testuser” error message which we’ve attempted to resolve using this by querying accounts using order by “SELECT * FROM dbo.mytable ORDER BY ADUsername ASC” but still the same error.

  • We updated the JDBC Source to enable merge by setting mergeRow to true
  • updated mergeColumn(s) by adding the userRoleid and roleid to this list
  • updated indexColumns by adding userRoleid and roleid to this list as well

so if below table was an example of the columns, I would like to be able to aggrgate in the users with their roleid being multivalued and listed (as entitlments in this case) and same for roleuserid to be multivalued. Following the steps above still leads to the same ascending error message.

roleuserid - username - roleid

Hoping someone can point in the right direction to help, thanks all.

article used: Data Merging Support
Configuring a SailPoint IdentityNow JDBC Source with multivalue fields – ‘mergeColumns’ – Kloud Blog

I resolved this by adding the “disableOrderingCheck=true” flag on the JDBC source.

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Hey Em! Welcome to the SailPoint Developer Community!

I would go find an answer for you, but it’s awesome to see you not only found one but came back and shared it—thanks for that! We’re really glad to have you here!

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