JDBC Connector - Display account as "Disabled"

Hello All,

I’m struggling to find a way when aggregating a JDBC application to display an account as being disabled. Any ideas on this one? On the accounts tab I’d like to show the status of the account as Disabled in RED.

I did find one way to handle this, and perhaps this is the best way, but I’m really not sure. I was able to write a buildmap rule where I interrogated the account coming back to look at the status of the account. If the status was equal to “disabled”, I set the faux schema attribute IIQDisabled = true on the map in the buildmap rule.

import sailpoint.connector.JDBCConnector;
import java.util.Map;

Map map = JDBCConnector.buildMapFromResultSet(result);
String accountState = map.get("accountState");
if (null != accountState && accountState.equalsIgnoreCase("disabled")){
return map;

Setting IIQDisabled is the correct way to reflect the account status. The final ResourceObject is typically manipulated in the customization rule. The sailpoint.tools.Util class has many helper functions to do null/empty checking such as Util.isNotNullOrEmpty().