Issue: [FileUploadUtility] csv file Import failure in IdentityNow

When I try to import a CSV file using the FileUploadUtility from my PowerShell script, I receive a success message indicating that the file has been successfully imported to SailPoint.
However, when I check my script logs, it shows that “IdentityNow is Analyzing the file ”.

Despite the successful import message, I don’t see any signs of aggregation in the source within IdentityNow (not even a failed import).
I’ve checked the format of the file name passed to the FileUploadUtility, and it starts with the sourceID (Cloud Id).

Additionally, the schema of the file matches the source. I’m trying to understand the reason for this behavior.

Can someone please advise if I need to check anything else or if anyone has faced a similar scenario before?

Thank you.

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If you try to import the file manually in the source, the import is successful?
With this you can rule out that the problem is the file.

Yes, When I upload the file directly, I am able to import it into SailPoint and the aggregation is also successful.

When the same file is imported by FileUploadUtlity it is giving a sucess response with “Analyzing file ” Message.

Yes, it is a weird behavior. I’m using the same .jar, if it helps I’ll share the snippet of my .bat file that runs the utility and output in cmd.

.bat file:
“C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-17\bin\java.exe” -jar “C:\IdentityNow\identitynow_sandbox\FileUploadUtility.jar” -url -client_id <client_id> -client_secret <client_secret> -f “G:/My Drive/IGA Fase I/FA_Files”

cmd output:
Files: G:\My Drive\IGA Fase I\FA_Files
Recursive: false
Extensions: csv
Simulation: false
Verbose: false
Timeout: 10000

Checking credentials…
Analyzing directory: G:\My Drive\IGA Fase I\FA_Files
Analyzing file: 24621 - Internos [source]-account-feed.csv
File [24621 - Internos [source]-account-feed.csv] was aggregated successfully.

Elapsed time: 2 seconds
Total files processed: 1

Success: 1

Error: 0

Skipped: 0

Thanks for providing the .bat file.

My script works fine for other flat file imports, but only for this source I see the FileUploadUtility is not functioning as expected.