Estimated time for Authoritative Source Aggregation time

Hi Team,

We are using delimited file for importing data from our Authoriative Source(UKG Application) into SailPoint.
We have around 5200 users and wanted to provision AD ACcount and Create Exchange accounts from SailPoint through PowerShell.
Considering the above target applications and limited changes per day on UKG Users(max 200), what could be the estimated time for Aggregation?

This helps in getting us a fair idea on when to archive the delimited file upon triggering of aggregation.


Are you importing the CSV file directly in IDN or using IdentityNow-File-Upload-Utility ?

Whatever, I think it’s hardly ~10 mins to read a CSV file with 5K+ records.

I can recommend you to wait for 30 mins.

Keeping this duration aside, I would ask how many times you get CSV feed from your HR ?

Once a day ?
Twice a day ?
Every 3 hours ?

Based on that you can archive.

How do you get the file ? Definitely some automatic job rite. if yes, why don’t you update your job in such a way that when you receive a new file take action on existing old file.

It is clearly your choice of process based on your environment.

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