Integrate NERM with IdentityNow

We are recently working with NERM, we have reviewed the documentation but we still have some doubts, we hope you can help us.
Currently we have some attributes that we add to a form, and this is included in a page. Additionally, we have a workflow with a Request Form and a Create.
After filling the form we see the profile created, however, the “Info” tab is blank, is there some configuration we are missing?
On the other hand, can we integrate NERM with IdentityNow?, how can we do this, i.e. how can I create a profile in NERM and then see it as an identity in IdentityNow (as with NELM), is this documented anywhere?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @GilbertoOledo14

Does your workflow include setting attributes action? If not, then that’s what you need to add to your workflow to be able to set value for those attributes.

Hi, @sunnyajmera

I tried doing the following, in my workflow I have:

  1. Request Form
  2. Set Attribute Value
  3. Create

In Set Attribute Value I set a value for one of the attributes and I see that it replaces what I capture in the form with the value I set. For the rest of the attributes, I see what I captured in the form. I see this on the “ALL ATTRIBUTES” tab of the Profile, but on the “INFO” tab I don’t see anything. Is this normal?

Regarding the IDN integration, do you know anything?

Thanks for replying.

the steps look ok to me, step 2 Set Attribute Value should have all the attributes that you need to save in the profile.

and are you setting the value as Dynamic Value or static value?

For Integration with IDN, I don’t think there is any direct integration as such however you can definitely call IDN REST API to create identity in IDN from NERM Workflow.

I did the test as follows, do you see anything I can change?

can you show me your set attribute step?


can you check if the profile has any contributor and if that user role/contributor has permission to see the attributes?

Yes, I am a contributor and I have the IDN Admin Role, the Role did not have permissions but I have added them (Edit for all attributes) but I still can’t see them.

Also add edit permissions to system defaults


I have the same setup,

Can you grant the Admin role access to application/profile access/workflows to try out?

I gave all edit permissions to IDN Admin, but I still don’t see anything in INFO.

My user is an IdentityNow administrator, so I think it should work.

Hello Gilberto,

did you find the way to integrate NERM with ISC? Dont have any documentation about how to proceed with this.


Hello, Beatriz.

No, I have not found a way to do it. I think it is possible because in the Demo videos, they create a profile and then in IdentityNow they can see the identity, however, I am not clear how to do it.

@GilbertoOledo14 You would have to call the IDN to create the identity in IDN. any chance you can share the link of the video you are talking about?

Yes, I see that one option is the API call as you mentioned, is this the best way, or even the only way?
In this page you can find the demos:

The first one shows what I comment, just filter the results for NERM:

Hi Gilberto,

If you have not figured this out yet (or for anyone coming to this thread in the future): the INFO page of a Profile is based on the configuration of the Profile Page for a specified Profile Type in Admin > Templates > Pages > Profiles Pages . From there, you can set up the Page configuration for which attributes to display.

Now, if that configuration is set, you also need to verify that your User Role(s) has at least view or edit permissions to the attributes on that Profile Page. From the previous screenshot, that looks to be the case already. So, this should just be a matter of setting up the Profile Page.

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Hello Gilberto, Recently Sailpoint release the OOTB connector to integrate NERM with ISC.

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Hi, @Beatriz

Amazing news, thanks for sharing it in this publication.
If anyone else wants to know the details, I share the link to the post where it was announced. We are currently working with the webservices connector but we will test with the OOTB connector.

Thanks for your support,
Best regards!