Improved User Experience in IdentityNow UI

Here are some points I wanted to list that would improve user experience while using IDNUI:

  1. Alert while closing some edit section without saving is not uniform throughout the site:
    When we close Source Configuration without saving the changes made, the alert is “Would you like to save”, and pressing OK saves the changes made. However, in Workflow, the alert is “Do you want to discard the changes”. These are just examples of 2 opposite options, and it would be nice that this feature works the same way in all sections

  2. Edit Email Templates scrolling:
    It would be great if only the list on left side is scrolled and the edit body on the right remains fixed

  3. Dynamic page titles that shows the section title along with site title

I will keep updating this list and invite you all great people to add your observations too

Thanks to all