Native Change Account Updated

What should be filter used to trigger the “Native Change Account Updated” workflow?

$[?($ == “2c918085804398d801806029e188253c”)]

$[?($ == “abc”)]

$[?($ == “xzy”)]

I checked with, and also with identity. It not considering the filter.

Try this

$[?( == "source-name")]

Nope. It not using that filter. It works for different source name also.

It is the working filter we are using currently. Not sure your requirement exactly, but you can try with id as well.

$[?( == "6drteu9seufh389e3")]

$[?($ == "2c918085804398d801806029e188253c")] is working for me

Those filters should all be valid…

How are you testing this filter? At this time, Workflows will not honor the trigger filter when using the “Test Workflow” feature. Trigger filters will only be honored when the workflow is enabled and receiving live events.

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