IDN Rule Util in AfterModify Rule


Is there any way to access the idn rule utilities in AfterModify Rule. I want to access account attributes and identity attributes for my requirement.
Using IDNRuleUtil as a Wrapper for Common Rule Operations - Compass

If yes, then what is the exact way to do that?
If not, what is the alternate way to do that?

The rule will be having both powershell code as well beanshell code


You cannot access idn rule utilities in aftermodify rule. The rule is nothing but powershell script.

You have 2 options:

  1. Use before provisioning rule and add all extra account/identity attribute you need under plan arguments and then read those in your aftermodify rule.
  2. Call identitynow apis back and get those attributes.

If your account/identity attribute somehow are dependent on Ad then you can also explore option of calling AD powershell functions and get those values.

Hey Chirag, so there’s NO way to get identity attributes in the after modify rule?

In my knowledge only those which I listed above. The rule executes on Iqservice machine and all objects which are stored on cloud database can be only accessible by the rules which are executed on cloud , like before provisioning rule for example.