Read an account attribute in the cloud rule

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Has anyone tried retrieving the account attribute in the cloud rule using idn.getAccountAttribute passing arguments Application, unique account ID, and attributename(value of the property you want to read)

I tried the below snippet that did not work:

String appName ="<My source> [Source]"
String accountID = "<nativeIdentity>"
String attributeName = "isEnabled"

String xyz = idn.getAccountAttribute(appName, accountID, attributeName);

I checked the below URL:

     * Gets the String value of an attribute from an account on an application.
     * @param applicationName The application name.
     * @param nativeIdentity The native identity of the account.
     * @param attribute The name of the attribute to retrieve.
     * @return The attribute value or null if the attribute does not exist.
     * @throws GeneralException wrapping underlying DB related errors
     String getAccountAttribute(String applicationName, String nativeIdentity, String attribute)

What is the applicationName format here?, I cannot play with trial and error due to the cloud rule deployment process!

Try this format Source name [source]

If your Source name is Active Directory then Application name will be Active Directory [source]


@iamology Thank You for than reply!. That already tried and did not. work. If you notice my snippet above appName, I am using [source] which is not working.

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ok, looks like it is case-sensitive. I was using <My source name> [Source]" instead <My source name> [source].

Small s in the source


Hi Ragu,

Are you saying that @iamology 's suggestion worked?


Hi @colin_mckibben, @anneragh

I am looking to use the same rule. Can you please help me what is the nativeIdentity you are passing.

My application is Active Directory so will it be the “distinguishedName” as a attribute or actual DN value of an account I need to pass.

I guess it’s later but need second thoughts.


1st argument is your source name.
2nd argument is your distinguishedName(its a value)
3rd argument is which attribute you want to read from account(its a name of the attribute)

Here is the link for javadocs for your future reference:

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