Idenity Now Active Directory After Modify Rule

We have a requirement where we trigger PowerShell script through IQ service on Active Directory connector when identity lifecycle state is terminate and for this I wrote After Modify connector rule and it is working fine.

If PowerShell script is run successfully without errors we want to set the source attribute email and login to generated new login and email details by AD team via script and an attribute to acknowledge process complete.

Is this possible through PowerShell ? If not on source application can we set attributes on Identity profile?

I tried rest api’s using GitHub - darrenjrobinson/powershell_module_identitynow: SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module this url powershell scripts but no luck.

Hey Yamini,
I have been trying to do something similar to this, if you get any updates on this please share here

You cant change Account ID and Name for any connector which might impact the existing configuration. If attribute is not Account ID or Name you can use Before Provisioning rule to calculate logic and place that desired value (if they are correlation attributes) or else simply use attribute sync.