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Hi , Does anyone automated process of SSB in code repository
like if we update ssb with new object.xml file they should directly trigger the deployer and import all .xml and deploy all log4j edits on added new lib/ files in all there respective servers

if any one worked on above mentioned topic ,Please share your ideas it will be very helpful


Hello @dineshwarmanukonda,

this might help:


@zac_adams_iid Please reply here!

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Thanks for the ping @drosenbauer! Yes @dineshwarmanukonda we are currently writing a blog series of how we’ve accomplished this with IIQ and IDN!

The best approach we’ve found is to use service containers to build the artifacts in a push deployment model. This allows you to simultaneously build artifacts for multiple environments ahead of time for on-demand deployments, perform many pre and post-deploy testing, and have full compatibility no matter what pipeline framework you have available. You’ll want to approach this in a 3 phase approach: Lint/Code Check, Build/Deploy, regression/qa testing. The next entry in the series is about the architecture of this solution then dive into each one of those phases. If you plan on attending Navigate this year I’d be more than happy to answer any questions in person as well!

Hi @zac_adams_iid, the link you included doesn’t resolve. It says “That page doesn’t exist or is private.” Can you include an updated link?

My apologies I believe it’s still in the Blog Draft section, I’ll get it updated when it moves to the Blog category

Sure @zac_adams_iid waiting for that blog

It is possible to automate this with custom pipeline in o e of the CI/CD tools. I did once project where we used gitlab webhook to execute build process with every push to the environment branch in git and then once a day in the night the deployment process was scheduled to deploy last successfull build.

Problem with frequent deployments is that it is not very fast process if you have a big number of xml artefacts. In my case import of all xmls took usually around 3h so can’t imagine making deployment more then once or twice a day.

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