Identity attribute not updated to empty (blank) value

Hello all,

I am having some troubles with some Identity attributes that are trying to update its value to empty or “”, the attributes never change to empty.

Further explanation:

I have an Identity Profile with an authorization source (e.g: “Identity Source”) with some identity attributes like for example “telephoneNumber” with its value obtained from “Identity source”.

When an Identity is created the telephoneNumber will be filled with the telephoneNumber value of Identity Source (without transform). All fine in this point.

The issue comes when the telephoneNumber change to empty (“”) inside the authoritative source. IdentityNow doesn’t update/remove the identity attribute to the new empty value, but we can see the new empty value of “telephoneNumber” inside the “Identity source” account of any identity.
Also if we preview the new changes inside the mapping tab of the identity profile we can see something like that:
Old value: +43 8343434343
Preview value: (blank)
Then IDN is recognizing that it should update the Identity attribute but it never happen.

I tried refreshing the identity by API with promoteAttributes option but it doesn’t work. I don’t know if this could be a bug or if I can update the attribute manually by API or any other way to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @senjutok ,
After the aggregation can you run full Identity Profile update & check for identity attribute changes?
Since the aggregations are set to delta mode, it won’t refresh identities, if it doesn’t detect change & the Identity data will refresh once Identity Refresh task runs.
For single identity refresh, do see the identity getting refreshed? if not, make sure you are using uid of the identity in the API body.

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I do have the same problem
issue: manager is empty in identity value but showing in preview value

we have a delimited file source and in identity profile, manager identity attribute is direct mapping with manager account attribute , but the value is empty in identity value but showing in preview value.
i did identity profile update and identity refresh as well for few of the identities but no luck ,please help me with this

I had the same issue. I resolved it by forcing an update by making some temp change. For example, select tolower() transform phone number or some other harmless change and allow identity update to happen. I have small number of identities so it was ok for me to do that. This is the only way I could get it to work.