How to remove the refresh number/limitation on identities

After running a task called “Refresh Identity Cube” I am getting these error:

Maximum refresh exceptions reached
An unexpected error occurred: java.lang.NullPointerException
Task was terminated by user request
Task was terminated by user request

Can anyone provide some feedback to me?

Thank you

Please drill down by unchecking or checking each flag in identity refresh task causing this error based on that you can find the root cause.

Hi Rita,

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When you run Refresh Task, it will be executing couple of Activities which will trigger Rules/Scripts/Workflows…etc depends on the options selected in Refresh Task.

Easiest way is to check the logs, find out where you are getting Null pointer exception. You will get Rule name or workflow name. Once you trace the Root cause, it will be easy to fix.

It might be due to some user doesn’t have any value for some attribute.

You get null pointer exception when your code is not doing null check before writing any methods on it.


There could be several factors contributing to the issue. The simplest method to pinpoint the root cause is to incorporate logging and delve deeper into the configuration objects you’ve altered or those linked to the specific use case you’re testing.

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