Error during role refresh

I have an error every time I start Refresh Identity Cube - Roles for a few days, after a while, I always get this same error:

2022-10-19 16:37:45,651 ERROR Thread-27 sailpoint.task.IdentityRefreshExecutor:1407 - Unable to release lock
2022-10-19 16:37:45,663 ERROR Thread-27 sailpoint.task.IdentityRefreshExecutor:1408 - deleted object would be re-saved by cascade (remove deleted object from associations): [sailpoint.object.EntitlementGroup#8a84dcaa83548013018363eccdfc532f]
2022-10-19 16:37:45,671 ERROR Thread-27 sailpoint.task.IdentityRefreshExecutor:1409 - Decache and try again
2022-10-19 16:37:45,709 ERROR Thread-27 sailpoint.task.IdentityRefreshExecutor:1441 - RefreshWorker 1 exception: null
        at sailpoint.persistence.ClassPersistenceManager.getManager(
        at sailpoint.persistence.ClassPersistenceManager.removeObject(
        at sailpoint.server.InternalContext.removeObject(
        at sailpoint.api.EntitlementCorrelator.saveDetectionAnalysis(
        at sailpoint.api.Identitizer.refresh(
        at sailpoint.task.IdentityRefreshExecutor$RefreshWorker.process(
        at sailpoint.task.IdentityRefreshExecutor$RefreshWorkerPool.queue(
        at sailpoint.request.IdentityRefreshRequestExecutor.execute(

Any idea how to fix it?

Were you able to solve this issue, I’m having the same problem as well on an identity refresh.

No, I still have the problem

In looking at the stacktrace, it looks like it’s with either the Refresh Identity Entitlements for all Links option or the Maintain Identity History option (my hunch is the latter). I have 2 general approaches for troubleshooting refresh errors like this…

  1. Use filters to try and narrow down which Identity (or Identities) are triggering the failure. If you can narrow it down to a single Identity or a very small group (under a dozen), you can enable trace logging on the refresh and EntitlementCorrelator classes and try to narrow down from there.
  2. Start deselecting refresh options and run the refresh task. Repeat this process until you get a successful refresh completion. Then start turning options back on and running the refresh again until it errors out. That will help narrow down what exact refresh process is resulting in the error.

Hello @Natalia_Camacho,

What I guess is that, you might recently delete so IIQ objects (e.g. Application) and somehow lead to this error. According to the exception, one of the identity which hold the EntitlementGroup (8a84dcaa83548013018363eccdfc532f), to find out which identiy is causing this issue, you can check on the SPT_ENTITLEMENT_GROUP table with above id, and get the corresponding identity_id.

In addition, I would suggest also run the IDX checking on you environment: [Correct IDX rule to detect and fix IDX values - Compass](Correct IDX rule to detect and fix IDX values)

Good luck and best regards,