How to Launch and Test a Workflow

Hi Team,

I have made a few changes to the workflow and I know that I can run a rule and test it on the UI. However, I am stuck of how can I run and test a workflow. I read a few posts of using a rest api, can someone guide me ? Thanks in advance.

If you go to Admin > Workflows, choose your workflow and click the “Edit in Builder” button in the flyout, you will see your workflow in the builder and a “Test workflow” button in the upper right corner. From there you just need to provide the test input and click “Start Workflow Test” to kick it off.

Hey Briane, Thankyou so much for your reply. I guess this option is available on IDN , Is there a similar way to test workflows from IIQ UI? Thanks in advance.

Hi @NissyM ,

You can test workflow in IIQ using console commands

Perfect! I am look into this, should do the work I guess. thankyou so much.

Hello @NissyM , if it answers your question kindly do mark the suitable reply as the solution. If there is anything else which you need to discuss regarding this, do let me know?

Hi @kavindar_sharma , I am working on testing the workflow and I have a question ,I am referencing a rule inside my workflow , in this case would it be correct to get that value from the rule in a variable in workflow? Would be great if you can help me with some sample . Thanks

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