Open Preview: Workflows Beta API

The Workflows API collection has been released in beta. This API collection can be used to programmatically create and manage workflows in IdentityNow.

To sign up for the Workflows beta program, please fill out this Smartsheet form. You must be a customer or partner in order to participate in the beta program.

You can learn more about workflows by reading Creating and Managing Workflows - SailPoint Identity Services

Here are a couple of JSON examples to get you started.

example-workflow-00-hello-world.json (1.0 KB)
example-workflow-01-mover.json (2.8 KB)


Hi Colin, thank you for the API reference on Workflows!
Currently we’re not seeing the ‘Visual Builder’ in our IDN Beta as mentioned in the documentation.
Will the Visual Builder be launched in the coming days?

Sorry about that. I updated my post to include the signup form.

Hi Colin, thanks but I already submitted the signup form last week but maybe it is still being processed. I’ll check again early next week!

Same situation. Seems everything is in the partner tenants but no docs on how to proceed manually or with a visual builder.

@BartCoolsUpright, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive to check the status of your request. It likely has been approved but not activated yet, and one of those two persons should be able to move it along.

Any chance someone can post a basic JSON file to at least get us started while we wait for the builder to get approved/deployed?

Here’s a couple examples.

example-workflow-00-hello-world.json (1.0 KB)
example-workflow-01-mover.json (2.8 KB)


Is there a place to get more updates on Workflows other than the documentation page? Our tenant has the beta but I am trying to find more information or examples of how to use the various triggers and actions.

@ethompson, Currently, the only documentation we have is at Creating and Managing Workflows - SailPoint Identity Services. Workflows is still pretty new and not generally available yet, but more documentation and examples will be made available over time.

I tried setting up a certification campaign to trigger when the user’s division changes. My trigger is working, but I see this error when the workflow tries to run the campaign:

{“error”:"actionStep(createCertification) Error: task failed: activity error (type: sp:create:campaign, scheduledEventID: 5, startedEventID: 6, identity: 1@a627fa796f3c@): Post "": request failed with status 401 (type: HTTP Response Returned a Client Error, retryable: false): Post “": request failed with status 401 (type: Error, retryable: true): request failed with status 401”}

@jsr749, a 401 response code means your authentication token is expired, invalid, or missing.

@colin_mckibben, But how does that work in the context of the workflow? Do we have to setup an authentication token as part of the workflow config?

@jsr749, can you create a topic in the IDN channel for this? That way we can track the solution better.

The Workflows Beta team also prefers any feedback inside the tool itself. You should be able to go into the tool and give feedback there as well if you have questions. They have a team monitoring that as well.

@colin_mckibben I was unable to see a way to leave feedback in Tool itself, however I did import one of the examples provided and I get “output was not a valid map”. Same thing I got when I tried to create my own. Obviously this is a very bad first impression and the message is not even remotely helpful to understanding what this occurred, where to fix. I’m hopeful others will join the beta in order to encourage SailPoint to put more examples up and enrich the documentation as we want to be activity engaged so that a viable solution is available for us all.

“type”: “WorkflowExecutionFailed”,
“timestamp”: “2021-11-10T16:12:15.148847016Z”,
“attributes”: {
“error”: “output was not a valid map”

I was getting that same error for “Send Email” until I put a $ into the Templating Context. It would be nice to have a better understanding of how to work with the Templating Context. I understand the JSON path, but how Templating Context should be formatted to be used in the Body, Subject, etc., is what I am missing.

Further, if I include a $ in the Body, rather than getting the JSON object formatted the same as it went in, it’s formatted differently, with a lot of map interspersed throughout. Perhaps that’s a result of what I put in the Templating Context, but it’s not intuitive.

Some basic examples in the documentation would go a long way, in my opinion.


@tranetechnologies, you should see a “Provide Feedback” button on the main workflows page.

Not there, sorry.

That’s a bug. Can you please submit a support ticket? They will be able to investigate and fix this.

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