How to create an Out Of the Box Access Form?

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Version 8.1

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Hello SailPoint Family,

I am trying to create an Out Of the box Form. This form will search for an identity, look for ABC AD groups for requesting access, the access request needs manage approval.

Any ideas and suggestions will be helpful.
Thank you

You want to create a form to request access?

Can you clarify a little more?

Hello @ipobeidi Yes, I want to create a form to request Access.

Isn’t the existing Access request piece working ?

If your eally want to do that you nee to

  1. Create the Form
    in it you can use the filter on the form to grab what you want in the field.
  2. Create a workflow that uses this Form to build the Plan and Send it to the LCM Provisioning workflow. You can also Create a quicklink to call the form.


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Why you don’t use ootb manage Access page ?

Thank you @ipobeidi and @vishal_kejriwal1 for your instant reply.
The existing Access request is working fine.

We wanted to have a specific Access Request Form for an XYZ Application. That will be visible in Home Page.

Will it be possible?

This can be done via quicklink ,
You need to create custom Quicklink , form , workflow .

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Yeah , exactly as I described.

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