How IIQ Maintain PasswordHistory on AD Link?

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.4

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We have Active Directory connector where, we are setting the user password and its correctly adding the password to the user and adding PasswordHistory as well.
But when we are performing enable, we are setting the users default password, and it is setting the password correctly on target but it’s not adding in the PasswordHistory.
Is there is any way we can see that latest password of user in a link?
Password history length is 24.
Please let me know if am missing anything here.

@rushi_ambatkar you need to add password policy in application, when you will edit app then you can do do by under Password Policy Tab.

8.4 IdentityIQ Password Management Guide - Compass (

you will get in Page 5 of above doc.

Hi @pravin_ranjan Thanks for your response, We already added the PasswordPolicy in application, but still, we are not seeing the password in password history it is showing correctly for create operation for enable its not showing.
Do you have any inside about this.

based on my knowledge, For Create it will not. you can use change password.

@rushi_ambatkar try this way,

In AccountRequest you can add provisioningPolicies. Code should be like below

Attributes accArgs = new Attributes();
List args = new ArrayList();
accArgs.put(“provisioningPolicies”, args);
acctReq.setArguments(accArgs); // acctReq is your account Request

add your default password through AttributeRequest in AcctReq


Some threads that might help,

Solved: Provisioning Plan - Compass (

Hi @pravin_ranjan Thanks for your response.

Below Scenario i am trying to get the solution.

Want to know How IIQ is maintaining the password History at link level?

While creating the account the password is getting added to the user link in PasswordHistory as expected.

In rehire scenario we are changing the user password and this time the account request is Enable, password is getting changed but the password that is changed its not stored in the PasswordHistory.

Please let me know if you have inside on this.
Thank you.