How do I export a source from my DEV tenant and import it into my TEST tenant?

How can I export a source from one Tenant and import it into a different Tenant?
I am still learning all the different APIs using Postman.

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You can use VS Code extension for SailPoint IDN. You can export and import config.
IdentityNow Extensions for Visual Studio Code - IdentityNow (IDN) / IDN Show and Tell - SailPoint Developer Community Forum

You can use API as well.

Get Source using ID
GET {{baseUrl}}/sources/:id

Create source
POST {{baseUrl}}/sources

You can find V3 APIs here: V3 APIs | SailPoint Developer Community

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The “new” way is to leverage Configuration Hub and the “cross tenant” capabilities.
Create a backup in one tenant and restore it in another by using a tenant connection:

Once I have my .json output from the export, What fields in the .json would I need to modify before importing it into the other Tenant?

Assuming “tenant”:
Owner | ID (would need the value from the new tenant)
What else?

Just replace the owner ID with ID from target tenant. Remaining IDs will be ignored, so not a problem.

Using Postman - did a POST {{baseUrl}}/beta/sources?provisionAsCsv=TRUE
I get a 400 Bad Request
“detailCode”: “400.1.0 Required data missing or empty”,
“trackingId”: “c403bef6ea36432dadd6c8ab26f6a6eb”,
“messages”: [
“locale”: “und”,
“localeOrigin”: “REQUEST”,
“text”: “Required field "connector" was missing or empty.”
“locale”: “en-US”,
“localeOrigin”: “DEFAULT”,
“text”: “Required field "connector" was missing or empty.”

Look at the curl example for an idea of what might be missing in your body / pay load.

create-source | SailPoint Developer Community

This may be the cause here:
“text”: “Required field “connector” was missing or empty.”

I decided to use Visual Studio Code using the ‘Export sp-config’ and ‘Import config’ option.

Issue has been resolved.

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