IdentityNow Extensions for Visual Studio Code

Hello everyone!

As a daily-user of VSCode, I wanted to have a helpful extension to ease things with IdentityNow and its APIs.

Note: This extension is not developed, maintained or supported by SailPoint. It is a community effort to help manage IdentityNow from Visual Studio Code.

The extension has evolved and support the following operation, while benefiting from a fully-feature IDE like VSCode:

  • Connect to several tenants
  • Export config of a tenant
  • View, edit, aggregate or reset sources
  • View, create, edit, delete, and test transforms
  • View, create, edit, delete provisioning policies of a source
  • View, create, edit, delete schemas of a source
  • View, edit, enable, disable, and test workflows and view execution history
  • View, create, edit, delete connector rules and export/import the script of a rule

Once you have installed the extension, you will be have a new “IDN” menu where you add tenants and view objects:

For more information, you can get to SailPoint IdentityNow - Visual Studio Marketplace


Installation is straightforward as the extension is published in VSCode marketplace.

Go to the extension menu or press Ctrl+Shift+X and look for the extension “IdentityNow”. Click on the button Install.


:tada: Version 0.0.14 is out.

  • Add 2 commands for sources: reset accounts and reset entitlements
  • Add support for Identity Profiles
  • Pagination for sources (cf. #25)

:tada: Version 0.0.15 is out.

  • Add supports for Service Desk Integrations (@fernando_delosrios )
  • Fix supports of UTF-8 values in transform (cf. #33)
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Hi, I have configured a tenant using this extension ,but i am able to see every component other than sources,if i enlarge the source i dont see any sources there ,instead i am getting “Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘toLowerCase’)” error.
Could you please help me out on this.

Hello @Divya_Sri_123
Do you have any source in your tenant?
Please open an issue in Issues · yannick-beot-sp/vscode-sailpoint-identitynow · GitHub.
Try to provide as much as possible information:

  • OS
  • Extension version
  • VSCode version
  • Logs ( Go to the menu “Help” > “Toggle Developer Tool” and look copy/paste logs)

:tada: Version 0.0.16 is out.

  • Capability to export a single source, rule, transform or identity profile from the tree view
  • Capability to refine export from the command palette or from a tenant in the tree view
  • Capability to import a sp-config
  • Can refresh identities under an identity profile (cf. #30)
  • Fix error when exporting to file (cf. #35)

Hi there!

This is the only reference I can find to having issues using the PAT for this extension and I was wondering if anybody had any ideas. I have the IDN extension is VSCode, I add my tenant and the display name, then I get to the part of choosing a PAT or an Access Token. If I select AccessToken, I can get an access token from /ui/session and past it in and everything works fine, I am able to get data from my tenant. This is fine for quick lookups, but it is obviously a pain to keep getting a new token.

If I select PAT, I use the ClientID and ClientSecret I just generated in IDN under my account and I get the error below. So the tenant name is fine since I can connect with a generic Access Token, just not a PAT. The PATs I have created and tried are set to scopes:all. I’ve restarted VSCode, uninstalled and reinstalled the extension, tried creating new PATs, and haven’t found the answer.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

ERR [Extension Host] ka: Unable to connect to ***
	at TLSSocket.So (c:\Users\***\.vscode\extensions\yannick-beot-sp.vscode-sailpoint-identitynow-0.0.15\out\extension.js:5:9867)
	at Object.onceWrapper (node:events:646:26)
	at TLSSocket.emit (node:events:538:35)
	at emitErrorNT (node:internal/streams/destroy:157:8)
	at emitErrorCloseNT (node:internal/streams/destroy:122:3)
	at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:83:21)

Indeed, this is weird @zachm117
It seems the extension is not able to established the TLS connection.
The only difference is the call to the endpoint https://<tenantname> to get an access token in exchange of the client id and secret.
Can you try to connect to this URL for your tenant? Here is what I got:

The error is “normal” as I’m just doing a GET and not trying the get an access token.
But it proves that the TLS connection is established.

Sure! Just using my browser and trying to access my tenant, I get the same screen.

@zachm117 I have just published a new version. It should correct your issue with PAT.

:tada:Version 0.0.17 is out!

  • Update length limit for connector rule names and provisioning policy name
  • Update regexp for tenant name
  • Fix TLS error when trying to get an access token