HBM Extension Template for IIQ

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The Hibernate Object Model Extension template for Sailpoint IdentityIQ provides a structured approach to customizing and extending the Hibernate Object Model within the IdentityIQ platform. This template is designed to facilitate the integration and management of additional attributes and entities that are not covered by the default IdentityIQ data model. By utilizing this template, developers can enhance the application’s ability to handle custom data types, relationships, and complex business logic, ensuring that the extended model aligns seamlessly with IdentityIQ’s core functionalities and compliance requirements.


To effectively use the Hibernate Object Model Extension template for Sailpoint IdentityIQ, users must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. IdentityIQ Data Model Knowledge: Basic understanding of how IdentityIQ organizes and manages data is essential.
  2. Java Proficiency: Sufficient knowledge in Java to modify and compile classes is required.
  3. Web Application Fundamentals: Familiarity with web application architecture and deployment processes is necessary.


Follow manual in docs directory and the video presentation