Extending SailPoint object model with custom objects: how to create custom hibernate objects


This session is about how to extend the out-of-the-box SailPoint object model to contain not only standard SailPoint objects like Identity, Link etc. but also custom ones together with use cases where this customization might be useful. Kamil will also share his thoughts on both the pros and cons of this solution.

You can learn more about this Colab item below.


Hello Kamil, could you share the code that you used for the training?

Much useful and appreciated efforts!

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Hi @kjakubiak ,
This post is super good and helps me a lot.
Is it possible to get the PDF you used during the presentation, like last year ?
This helps to copy copy and stuff.

Hi Everyone,
Code and presentation is available in colab repo right now :slight_smile:



HI @kjakubiak,

That’s strange - works for me

@colin_mckibben can you help?

Ah, this repo is still private. I’m working on getting it public now.

@VinodC the repo is public now. Try accessing it again :slight_smile:

Sure will check and let you know. Thanks!

Now is ok. Thank you @colin_mckibben and @kjakubiak



Thanks @colin_mckibben and @kjakubiak, able to access it now.

Hi Kamil, I’ve attached a script that allows extract HBM cofiguration into a SSB custom script. The scripts also extends additional settings that allows to work with a custom SaipPoint Object in Debug Pages.
build.custom.hbmextension.xml (4.3 KB)

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Hi Serge,
That’s great script - feel free to create pull request to the colab repo - I will approve it as soon as it’s there. You will get 100 points in Community Ambasadors programme if you do so :slight_smile:

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Hi Kamil, the pull request has been raised