Guide for Solving Forum Questions

Solving and replying to forum posts will help you earn points to become an Ambassador. This guide will give you some tips on getting your replies marked as a solution

Mark your reply as the solution

Although you have the ability to mark your reply to a topic as the solution, it is preferred to let the original poster mark the solution themselves. However, sometimes the original posters are unresponsive and topics with seemingly good solutions can go unsolved for quite some time. In situations where you are not getting a response from the original poster and you feel that your reply adequately solves the question, you can mark your own post as the solution. As Ambassadors of the SailPoint Developer Community, we trust you to make the right decision. To mark your reply as the solution, click the checkbox underneath your post:

Have you made a lot of replies but received no solutions?

As a frequent solver of questions myself, I understand that a lot of your replies will be helpful but won’t clearly solve the problem. As a result, you may have a lot of topics that you have responded to but few are marked as solutions. That’s ok! Replies to topics in most categories will earn you points as well, taking some of the pressure off of you to get solutions.

What if there aren’t enough topics to solve?

If we get to the point where there aren’t enough topics to solve, then I would consider that a success for the community :slight_smile: . You can always search for older topics that have no replies or solutions and attempt to solve those. There are also other ways in which you can contribute to the community to earn points.

Hopefully this clears up the details around solving forum topics. If you have any questions or ideas, let us know in the comments.

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