Get Campaign Reports Configuration

How we can add additional columns in status report in campaign? Currently it gives the identity name not any unique identifier.

Hey Manjuladevi,

I just exported a Campaign Status report to take a look at it. First, you cannot change the columns for these reports. With that being said, it looks like the identity Display Name and accountName attributes appear on in the fields in the Identity column of the report. Something like this:

Corey Ander (1234)
Alfa Romeo (5678)
Anne Teak (9012)
Bill Ding (3456)

If you are looking to have a unique identifier in the csv output, you could just extract this into a new column, or use it to search for users as needed.

Additionally, you also have the Account Name column. Since these are normally unique on the source, you could use this to see which identity that account is correlated to.

Please let me know if this helps! If it doesn’t, can you please further explain what you are looking to do with this information?

  • Zach