Get Account Details Beta

Every time I try to get the details on a specific account I get
“Link with ID or name 2c9180877a530817017a5822a9ad709e was not found.” I am getting the id by using search for the user and adding the column ID and using that.


Hi Kathy,

You have to be careful which ID you are using, as they all look pretty similar. You can’t use an identity ID when invoking the accounts API. You must use an account ID. That might be why you are seeing the not found error. If you want to get all accounts for a given identity ID that you acquired from search, you could use this endpoint:

GET https://{tenant} eq "2c9180877a530817017a5822a9ad709e"

Thanks, I have tried that and I always get the first 250 accounts. I am looking to look at one specific account that is acting weird. I have one account that will not populate 4 attributes. We have dropped the user from our report so it would delete from SailPoint and then put it back so it would recreate and it still did not populate the attributes.

If you want to narrow it down to a specific account, and you don’t know the account ID, then you can combine several filter params to get closer. For example, if you know the ID of the identity who’s account you need to look at along with the name of the account, you could try:

GET https://{tenant} eq "2c9180877a530817017a5822a9ad709e"&name eq "jane.doe"

If you need to get even more specific, you could add the sourceId as well. You can use the sources API to get the source ID.

GET https://{tenant} eq "2c9180877a530817017a5822a9ad709e"&name eq "jane.doe"&sourceId eq "2c9180877a530817017a5822a9ad711c"