filterString for SaaS Connectors

Hey everyone, I’m working with a client trying to implement the DocuSign SaaS connector in their IDN tenant.

Aggregation is working as expected but they want to filter out accounts with a “Closed” user status. (read: disabled). We added "filterString": "(userStatus == \"Closed\")" to the connectorAttributes as you would expect from other non-SaaS sources but it doesn’t appear to be filtering as expected as all accounts are aggregated regardless of whether or not a filterString is specified.

Account aggregation filters for DocuSign are not supported at this time. SaaS Connectivity is different in that all configuration options will be present in the UI configuration screen, and I don’t believe hidden connector attributes are an option. So if you don’t see an option in the UI, it likely doesn’t exist.

I spoke with the team, and they want to see an idea in the ideas portal first. Can you please submit an idea and share the link here so others can vote on it?

I just created Add filterString to SaaS connectivity | SailPoint Ideas Portal

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The Docusign SaaS connector now supports the filter string parameter.