Error when doing import-stock Invalid key '&serverTimezone'

Version 8.4

Good morning, I am trying to mount SailPoint 8.4 on a CentOS 7, it gives error when doing import-stock. I attach pictures:


At the command line on that host, type:

timedatectl | grep -i ‘time zone’

I’m suspicious that SSB is getting something unexpected from your CentOS environment regarding the timezone. When I paste the above commands in my linux environment, I see:

           Local time: Mon 2024-02-19 15:40:28 CST
       Universal time: Mon 2024-02-19 21:40:28 UTC
             RTC time: Mon 2024-02-19 21:40:28
            Time zone: US/Central (CST, -0600)

System clock synchronized: yes
NTP service: n/a
RTC in local TZ: no
Time zone: US/Central (CST, -0600)
Mon Feb 19 03:40:28 PM CST 2024

Good morning, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve seen your reply. I didn’t get that error again, I honestly don’t know how it was solved. I guess it must have been something related to the virtual machine.

Thanks for your reply.

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