Endpoint for 'remove account'

First time posting here, forgive me if I should be posting on compass or somewhere else instead of here, just let me know.

But I have a source, with a bunch of accounts, in my IDN tenant.
The accounts aggregated and correlated to identities.
Later on - I fully deleted the accounts, at the source (direct connection type, AD)
I’ve run several aggregations, with optimization turned off… but the identities still show the accounts Enabled and correlated to the identities.

Is there a rest API where I can at least “remove account”?
I don’t necessarily want to entirely delete the source.
I don’t necessarily want to delete the identities either.
I just want the identities to reflect correctly without having to click the button in the UI, one-by-one.

Did your aggregations complete successfully? Check to make sure your Account Delete Threshold is set appropriately to allow the deletes. You should see a warning on the aggregation completion status to alert you if this is the issue.

I think my issue was BECAUSE I ran the aggregation with optimization turned off.
A normal aggregation, seemed to cleanup the accounts today.


Cleaned up about 500 accounts and ran aggregation with optimization turned off (but it didn’t remove the deleted accounts)

Tried again (but it didn’t remove the deleted accounts)

Next morning, regularly scheduled aggregation with optimization on – everything cleaned up