Email template - Access Request Reviewer notification restriction

Hi Team,

Is it possible to restrict sending Access request reviewer email notification based on the particular requestorComment?

Harish G

Hi Harish,
Restricting it through certifications itself is not possible as SailPoint does not provide that kind of fine grained customization although you might be able to achieve this utilizing workflows.

Hi Harish,
This is not currenly supported in IdentityNow. You can raise a request in the idea portal for this enhacement

It is possible to conditionally stop emails from being sent. You can read this solution to learn how to conditionally send an email from an email template based on some criteria in the user variables.

In your case, you want to check if the comment is equal to a certain value or contains a certain value, so you would probably use something like this in the subject line.

#if($requesterComments.toString().contains("No review necessary"))#stop#end New access request for ${requestedForIdentityName} ready for review

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