Does new Oracle HCM Cloud connector integration need CSV export?

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.4

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We are going through Oracle HCM Cloud (8.4) connection document and found below

“One of the prerequisites for Connecting SailPoint to your Oracle HCM system for Aggregation operation is export of
the HCM data in the following separate files:”

  1. Active Workers File: It should contain the export of all the active Person from the HCM system.
  2. Terminated Workers File: It should contain Terminated Person Details within the specified offset.
  3. Future Workers File: It should contain the export of all the future Hires and active person Future Employment
    details within the offset.

Question 1: Does connector need CSV export on a regular basis or is it a one time activity?
Question 2: Why do we need CSV feed if, it’s a connected (API based) connector?
Question 3: Is it possible to add an extra account attribute which is not listed in the connector document?

Please share your thoughts/suggestions

Please provide your thoughts/suggestions.

Basically your file can be on the server on which iiq is running or it can be over the sftp. based on location of your file you can select the configuration .

  1. This seems like that you need to upload the feed on the regular basis .
  2. This doesn’t seems like fully connected integration .
  3. I think this would be possible you would need to update the feed file and schema configuration accordingly .

@vishal_kejriwal1 Thanks for your reply!

If, it doesn’t seem fully connected, would Web Service connector be a better alternative?
Has anybody used Web Service connector to pull data from Oracle HCM which could be used for Joiner, Mover and Leave use case (full data and delta change aggregations)?

Thanks for your comments!

Web Service and SCIM based custom connector can be used for any application , as long as you have the required endpoints .

Thanks @vishal_kejriwal1 for your comments!

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