Failure connection between Oracle HCM Cloud and IdentityNow with PGP

Dear all, we have a problem when try to connect Oracle HCM cloud with SailPoint IdentityNow.
We already successfully setup SFTP server on Oracle OIC, create the 3 files(ACTIVE_WORKERS, TERMINATED_WORKERS, FUTURE_DATED_WORKERS) with the names and paths based on the instructions. And meanwhile, we have created a service account for SailPoint successfully.

  1. But when we trying to connect via API authentication alone the error pops up:
    “Error Received:
    Error while executing test connection endpoint”

  2. When trying to connect to the SFTP with PGP the following error message is shown:
    "Error Received:
    sailpoint.connector.ConnectorException: [ ConnectorException ] [ Possible suggestions ] Ensure that configuration parameters is correct and SFTP server is reachable [ Error details ]Poor PGP. Signatures not found.

  3. But if we select to skip the integrity check, this fails again with the following error message.
    “Error Received:
    Public Key is not provided”

Does this mean that we made a mistake with the public key even though we skipped the integrity check? Despite skipping the integrity check, the error message still states that the public key is missing.


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