Delimited File - Merge two files

Hi All,

We have a requirement to merge two csv files into one and use that for aggregation. How can we do that in IDN.

Are you using File upload utility ?

No, we are using delimiter file connector for this.

Are you importing the file manually then to aggregate the CSV file ?

We haven’t onboarded this app yet but looking for best ways to do it and handle this use case in SailPoint. For rest of the flat file applications we are manually uploading file using delimited file connector.


If you are going to upload file manually every time you need to aggregate, then you can merge the files and upload them as a single file, you can do manually or use some custom PowerShell or Python or any other script of your choice.

But don’t you think, if there is a way to aggregate CSV files automatically without manual intervention, it’s cool rite.

Yes, We have solution for that as well. File Upload utility, refer to below docs for more information.

IdentityNow File Upload Utility - Compass (

File Upload Utility - CoLab / Community Tools - SailPoint Developer Community Forum


Hi @maheshtare,

I would suggest you to use “SQLLoader” connector and you can use SQL queries to merge /join the csv files upon aggregation.

For your reference,


Thanks Krishna for the solution, for now will go with SQL Loader

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