Dealing with Multivalued JSON in Workflow

Hi all. I am testing on the workflow and intend to fire a HTTP Request after the Provisioning Completed trigger. I tried to POST the provisioningStatus in the body as follows:

{ “status”: “{{$.trigger.accountRequests[*].provisioningResult}}” }

However, the values do not seem to have a comma in between and thus causes the error. I would like to seek input regarding dealing with multivalued in workflow.

Thank you!

From your screenshot it appears that your accountRequests has 2 items received from Trigger, one for each source on which provisioning is completed and hence you are getting this result. You need to filter them and choose which source’s provisioning result do you want to pass on to your HTTP Request. You can choose either one by using JSON below:

$.accountRequests[?(‘Corp AD’)].provisioningResult

$.accountRequests[?(‘Corp AD 2’)].provisioningResult

Hi Sharvari,
Thank you for the response. This works however it seems that if I want to make it as inline variable, it will not be able to process the filter.

However, thank you very much for the suggestion!

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