Provisioning Completed Filter JSON PATH needed

Hello please let me know if the JSON I am trying to create is possible.

We are looking to filter provisioning for a specific set of attributes:

-Add not the removal provisioing completed
-provisioning result (commited)
-provisioning target (azure)

The problem is we know that the && is limited. Does anyone have any JSON path that would work this isn’t valid:

$.accountRequests[?(@[*].attributeRequests[?(@.operation == ‘Add’ && @.attributeValue == ‘Azure ER Account’)] && @.provisioningResult == ‘committed’ && @.provisioningTarget == ‘Azure AD ER source’)]

What would be an alternative.


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$.accountRequests[?(@.provisioningResult == 'committed' && @.provisioningTarget == 'Azure AD ER source' && 'Add' in @.attributeRequests[*].operation && 'Azure ER Account' in @.attributeRequests[*].attributeValue)]

Try this and share the outcome please

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Hello Unfortunately, it did not trigger the workflow

Try this please…

$.accountRequests[?(@.provisioningResult == 'committed' && @.provisioningTarget == 'Azure AD ER source' && 'Add' in @.attributeRequests[*].operation)]

Thank you! This works as expected!

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