Custom Connector is not picking latest JAR file

Hi Team,

I am working with custom connector and when I upload the jar file with some updates, its not working. I don’t see my updates reflected. IDN not picking up my latest jar file.

So I tried to change the jar file name and uploaded it back. Its working fine with different name.

I am seeing this issue recently and can someone please let me know if anything is changed at configuration level of custom connector or is it related to cache or something? How to fix this?

Will be waiting for your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.,

Hi Abhinov,

Do you know about how long you waited for the updated JAR file to get propagated to the VA? If the two JARs are identically named, our trigger-based approach that immediately pushes JAR files out to the VA is skipped – the two filenames are identical and (likely) the file sizes weren’t meaningfully different either. In this instance, you have to wait for the scheduled cache invalidation process to run on the VA. Every so often (I believe it’s 15 minutes, but I could be wrong here), cached versions of connector artifacts on the VA get cleared out and new versions of those files are re-downloaded from your tenant’s S3 bucket. If you didn’t wait long enough, it’s definitely possible that the newer JAR file didn’t get copied down yet.


Hi Hari,

I will always wait for some message like below in CCG after uploading a new jar file.

After seeing this message I will assume that my new JAR file is picked up. In recent times I am seeing this message and still old jar is in virtual appliance.

Can you please let me know how exactly can we know that new jar file is installed?


Make sure to save the source when you remove the old jar, before uploading the new one.

After that, it will take a few minutes before the new jar is active.

This stopped working for me. I remove the old jar, click on save, then I upload the jar, then click save.the logs appear to be using it, but none of my code changes are reflected. Any ideas?

It takes a few minutes for the jar to be replaced. This could be up to 5 minutes in my experience. The CCG needs to pick up the change and restart. So, it requires a bit of patience.

Also, make sure, if you use the same custom jar in multiple sources, to replace it in all sources.

@menno_pieters can you please share the process of to upload jar file to ccg and to restart

The CCG automatically restarts if it needs to load the new configurations and libraries.

okay,thank @menno_pieters