Custom Connector JAR File - where did it go?

I need to get the .jar file for a custom connection we did. I can’t thru the UI and it’s not in our Windows VA, so it’s at the Linux VA? If so - where? How can I get it??


On your VA, check the /opt/sailpoint/ccg/lib/custom folder for the jar file.

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Thank you, our Linux VA or the Windows? Asking because it was not found in either for IdentityNow.

On Linux VA, can you try this location /opt/sailpoint/share/connectors/lib?

Did that too - not there.

The /opt/sailpoint/ccg/lib/custom path Sharvari mentioned is correct, but it’s within the ccg Docker container as opposed to the filesystem of the VA itself:

sudo docker exec ccg ls -al /opt/sailpoint/ccg/lib/custom

You can use this command to copy the jar file to the VA’s filesystem for retrieval using WinSCP for example:

sudo docker cp ccg:/opt/sailpoint/ccg/lib/custom/example.jar ./

THANK YOU! That did it.

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