Correlation Config API

Do we have any API available to see Correlation Config logic?

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We don’t have any such API for correlation config.


Technically, you can view correlation config using

However, there is the standard legacy API disclaimer that it is going to go away some time next year.

The v3 sources API references an accountCorrelationConfig object. I would assume that there will be a correlating endpoint to be able to retrieve that data at some point before the CC endpoint is deprecated. @colin_mckibben are you able to confirm or deny my theory? :slight_smile:

@WyssAJ01 The API you suggested gives 500 Internal Service Error.

The ID you want to send as “sourceID” is the shorter, numeric source ID.

If you use the V3 “list all sources” API to get the source config info, you’ll see it referred to as “cloudExternalId”

If you used the CC “list all sources” API, you’ll see it referred to simply as “id”.

I would recommend getting the official postman collection if you don’t already have it.

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Thanks @WyssAJ01, It works.

If you don’t mind, please mark that as the solution so others will know where to look if this comes up again.

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