Create an Account Correlation Config when creating a new source

Im trying to figure out how I can create an account correlation config for a non-auth source via the apis. It looks like the api requires the config to already exist. so when I push account data into Sailpoint it will trigger a correlation.

I was told that by default it will try on “e-mail” without a config. but that doesn’t seem to work.

Welcome to the developer community Bob!

Unfortunately, our V3/beta APIs don’t yet support the retrieval or updating of account correlation configuration on a source.

You can read this post on how to get the config: Account Correlation API (ACCOUNT_CORRELATION_CONFIG) - #3 by colin_mckibben.

However, the only API that can set the config is internal only. I have this functionality on a list of items for our product team to look into providing.

Yeah I had seen that post, I was hoping there might be another way to create a brand new config.

I was told that it will try to correlate on email without a config, is that true?