Convert SCIM 2.0 Connector to LogiPlex connector

Hi floks,

Trying to change SCIM 2.0 Connector to Logiplex connector . Updated all the configurations suggestion in Logiplex connector documentation.

But not sure, what has to be value for connectorClass attribute in xml ?

  <entry key="connectorClass" value="openconnector.connector.scim2.SCIM2Connector"/>

It depends in which mode you want to use:

  • For Classic Mode the connectorClass should not be changed.
  • For Adaptor Mode:
    • Replace the connector class with the LogiPlex connector class
      <entry key="connectorClass" value=""/>
    • Set the original connector class in the attribute logiPlexMasterConnector.
      <entry key="logiPlexMasterConnector" value="openconnector.connector.scim2.SCIM2Connector"/>

– Remold

We are planning to use Adapter . When i update the xml as you suggested and try doing an test connection, I am getting below error message.

|Failed to create connector object for the connector: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException|

Are you using the ‘old’ Logiplex connector or the newer version PSLabs LogiPlex Connector

Previous versions have been distributed as part of the Services Standard Deployment version 6.1 and below. As of version SSD 7.0, the LogiPlex connector will no longer be distributed as part of the SSD.

For the ‘old’ version look for the Java package in the file and use:
<entry key="connectorClass" value="<package>.LogiPlexConnector"/>

For the newer PSLabs version, use the entry as mentioned in my previous post.

– Remold

We are using latest version of LogiPlexConnector, below is how my xml looks like

  <entry key="connectorClass" value="openconnector.connector.scim2.SCIM2Connector"/>
  <entry key="contentType"/>
  <entry key="customTimeout"/>
  <entry key="encrypted" value="client_secret,oauthBearerToken,oauthTokenInfo,refresh_token,private_key,private_key_password,additional_payload,oauth2password"/>
  <entry key="entitlementFilter"/>
  <entry key="explicitAttributesRequest">
  <entry key="grant_type" value="CLIENT_CREDENTIALS"/>
  <entry key="groupFilter"/>
  <entry key="host" value=""/>
  <entry key="iss"/>
  <entry key="lastAggregationDate_account" value="2023-05-16T19:00:26Z"/>
  <entry key="lastAggregationDate_group" value="2023-05-16T18:58:25Z"/>
  <entry key="load-by-sysclassloader">
  <entry key="logiPlexAggregationRule" value="FMR-Rule-CustomConnector-Logiplex-SplitRule-ResourceObjectCustomization"/>
  <entry key="logiPlexMasterConnector" value="openconnector.connector.scim2.SCIM2Connector"/>

I am referring to connectorClass (highlighted), what should be the value ? I have tried both values and openconnector.connector.scim2.SCIM2Connector, both did not work

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