I have a web service which will return a 200 status, even though the update may fail.

I saw connector_possibleHttpErrors mentioned in the documentation:
But I’m not sure how to configure it for my situation.
A successful call returns:

<user-batch-result xmlns="" xmlns:i="">

And a failed call returns:

<user-batch-result xmlns="" xmlns:i="">
            <message>Missing Required Field: EmpId</message>

So the failed call returns a set of data. I’m not sure what I should use for the value for the connector_possibleHttpErrors key. I tried “errors”, but that didn’t work.

Or is there a way to use the records-succeeded record?

Any thoughts?


Hey Chris,
The format of connector_possibleHttpErrors is this:
“errorMessages”:[“Testing”,“Not Found”]

This means whatever error code you are getting when there is failure you can put those codes in errorCodes list. The error messages part is interesting. Connector searches whole response body using the strings provided in here and whenever it sees that string it marks it as failure. The comparison of errorMessages is only done when we get any of the errorCodes in response.

P.S. This looks like concur and you are using old apis which are not reliable. Try to get hands on latest one which I believe is v4 and setup connector using that. Sharing this from personal experience

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