Configuring Multiple Entitlement Requests - Web Services

I had a few questions about configuring Multiple Entitlement Requests in IDN, questions are per this documentation:

Configuring Multiple Entitlement Requests

First based on this statement: “To enable the functionality of sending multiple entitlement request of different type of entitlements (role, permission, groups and so on) in a single request to the managed system, set the value of addRemoveEntInSingleReq parameter to true as follows”

Is this saying that the request would need to come through something like an AccessProfile that contains each type of entitlement, or a request through the API that contains these three. It just just need to be contained in one request, and not three separate ones?

Second: In the section about about after updating the source to use the addRemoveEntInSingleReq attribute key with true as a value., it says the payload for entitlements must be given in the following example:

"group_id" : $plan.groups$,
"roles": $plan.roles$

However, this is the same whether addRemoveEntInSingleReq is true or false. What is this intended to say?

This makes no sense to me either. I am not sure what this feature can be used for.