Change Password UI issue

Hello Everyone, recently my work has been running into this weird issue with Changing an Identities password in the UI and it is causing alot of problems for our service desk people. Currently our service desk people handle password reset requests that come in for students. In order the reset the student’s password they use the Manage Password Quicklink and then find a student. Once they find the student, they change the application passwords(Manage Application Passwords) and then they change the IIQ password(Change Password).

On the change password page when they put in a new password and hit submit it was be successful and clears the contents on the page. Now, the issue that they are seeing is that when they hit submit on the change password page it doesn’t appear to be successful or clear the contents of the page.

Has anyone ever faced this issue? Is there any sort of logging I can turn on to help with this? We are running IdentityIQ 7.1

We are only seeing this error on one or both of our UI servers and a co-worker of mine figured out that restarting the tomcat server on one of the UI servers seemed to fix this issue but this issue seems to be happening more often now than it use to. This is an out of the box UI page and I don’t know what is causing this issue.