Bulding a specific plugin

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.3

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Is it possible to run the buildPlugin target to build a specific plugin?

i have tried: ant buildPlugin -DpluginName=MyPluginFolderName

but that just fails being unable to find the manifest.xml file


Hi Michael,
It is - here you can find documentation how to create build files

Also check if you have correct Manifest file

And in the end you can check this page for more documentation.



To be clear, i’m using the Standard Service Build (SSB) environment, and want to call the buildPlugin target to build a specific plugin located in the pluginsrc folder.

is that possible? just so i won’t have to build all the plugins in that folder every time i need to test one plugin.

I did try to automate the plugin build and deploy but it failed multiple times so what we had to finally resort to was to have the pluginSrc folder structure in place and post deployments zipping it and deploying it in the environment.


just would like to share my approach:

There is a plugin on Compas “Swiss Army Knife”

Baiscally, this is a bash program, and you can write a custom ant target for it.


  <property name="devsak" location="C:\Program Files\devsak\devsak-client-1.4.2\devsak.bat"/>

  <target name="installPlugin">
  	<exec executable="${devsak}">
  	  <arg value="DSConsole"/>
  	  <arg line="${devsak.dsconsole} -exe 'installPlugin -pluginFilename build/dist/${pluginname}.${version}.zip'"/>


devsak.dsconsole=DSConsole -url -u spadmin -p admin -ta

I will try this out thanks for the reference @mike818148

I did manage to build a specific plugin with the following:

ant -DpluginBuildDir=./build/plugins -DpluginName=<plugin name> -DpluginSrc=./pluginsrc buildPlugin

How ever it seems that i need to set the pluginInstall variables as well, but have not tested it.