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I want to aggregate an account attribute with type “base64Binary” that represents a photo from Workday. It doesn’t seem to be possible since only the types “string”, “long”, “int” and “boolean” are available from the account schema. Could you please confirm this ? is there any way to get around this ?

Thank you

Hi Tina,
Thank you for your post. I dont think it is possible to aggregate base64Binary in IdentityNow.

Rakesh Bhati

Thank you @RAKGDS for your feedback.
The support told me the same.
Do you think we can convert the value type to string by rules ?

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Hi Tima,

We are doing same in the build map rule but the application is a delimeted file. I am not sure if you can do this in workday


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Hello, it works by setting the attributes as “IMAGE_NAME” and “IMAGE”. Indeed, both were once part of the OOTB attributes, but Connector still treats these attributes as out-of-the-box attributes, these were removed from the workday XML template by SP.