Disable account-> Need to define account status attribute

Hi everyone,

We have a REST api webservices connector integrated to IDN.

we have an attribute in target called as active. If active == false, account will be disabled.

I have created a http operation for disable and setting active as false in body of the request.

When I do disable account in identity-> account tab, it is getting disabled and active is becoming false


however, after the aggregation, the account is shown as enabled in IDN and active attribute is STILL FALSE in IDN and target system. This is not as expected. The account should be shown disabled.

How do I set the account status attributes in account schema so that IDN knows this is the account status attribute that needs to be checked during disable and enable operation?

Hi Ajith,
What is the attribute type in schema attribute for active ? Is it boolean or String ?

Rakesh Bhati

Hi Rakesh,

The attribute type is boolean. Thank you for your reply.

Please change your setting in Confgiuration to the below and do retest. It should fix the issue.

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TQ so much rakesh. It worked

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